Support Life

Implementation of health and social services for vulnerable groups



992.437,99 EUR



According to partners of the Support Life project, Croatia and Serbia are still at the very beginning of ensuring palliative care services. Palliative medicine is seen as a separate activity and it is not fully implemented in the health care system. The project approaches this issue by planning activities that will provide health and social services for old, helpless, chronic patients and people with disabilities in the rural and underdeveloped area of Vukovar-Srijem County and Mačva District. Support Life will capitalize on experiences of Take Care, a project contracted within the 1st Call for Proposals, and further improve availability and quality of health and social services in rural areas. With the Support Life project, 100 health and social workers will be trained on palliative and social care service delivery, more than 600 persons in need will be offered assistance by mobile teams for palliative care and a department for patients in terminal stages of disease will be set up at the Home for elderly and infirm people Ilok.


“Bubamara”, Association of people with disabilities Vinkovci (CRO) is Support Life’s lead partner and in charge of the overall implementation of the project, communication with the partners and coordination of all activities. Bubamara will procure medical, protective and sanitary equipment for mobile teams which will ensure home-based health and social care services for elderly, infirm and people with disabilities.

Home for elderly and infirm persons Ilok (CRO) will set up a department for patients in terminal stage of disease and procure medical equipment for the department.

Caritas Šabac (SER) with its home care team will provide social assistance and services to elderly and people in need of palliative care. In addition, the partner is responsible for developing the study on palliative care and care for vulnerable groups.

Health Center Dr.Draga Ljočić Šabac (SER) is responsible for providing health care services with mobile teams and procuring medical equipment and supplies.   


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