Take Care!

Developing and improving health and social services for vulnerable groups



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The partnership of the Take Care! project have jointly identified problems in the health and social system of the Programme area. Inappropriate distribution and mobilisation of capacities, reduced access to services for the elderly, infirm and persons with disabilities and reduced access to health and social services, especially for people living in rural areas, are one of these problems. Basing their project idea on a community-based concept of health and social care, Take Care! sets an ambitious path to enhance accessibility and quality of health and social services for elderlies, infirm and people with disabilities across borders. A mobile Patient Care System will be developed to do so, including mobile teams for people in need of better care, and accompanied by comprehensive educations and a cross-border palliative care platform.


Association of people with disabilities Bubamara, Vinkovci (CRO), the project’s lead partner with extensive experience in palliative care, training activities, communication and management, has the role of overall management and oversight of the project. The partner will also implement social services for PwDs, elderlies and infirm people, provide communication support and organise trainings.

General Hospital Sremska Mitrovica (SER) will provide expertise on health issues, as well as on local and national-level regulations needed to provide health services.

Home for elderly and infirm persons Ilok (CRO) will cover issues concerning elderly people and palliative care, in order to develop new models and new ways of helping target population.

Caritas “St. Anastasia” Sremska Mitrovica (SER) provided support in mobile teams preparation.

Regional development agency Srem (SER) is in charge of involving wider public in project activities, organising promotional events and supporting Croatian partners in developing the cross-border network.



Photos, videos and materials published on this website are originally published on the Take Care! project website.

Take care! mobile teams capacity building

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zagreb, the Center for Palliative Medicine, Medical Ethics and Communication Skills (CEPAMET) and the Zagreb Institute for Health Culture organized a postgraduate

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