Energy efficient public power



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The E2P2 project raises the question of environment protection and potentials of renewable energy sources. Project partners – City of Subotica and Municipality of Satnica Đakovačka – will install solar power plants and demonstrate how public buildings can use EU funds to implement energy-sustainable innovations. In this way, E2P2 seeks to raise awareness about advantages of using renewable sources, in particular how electric energy can be produced without environmental pollution or loss of energy, and how to achieve energy independency.


Municipality Satnica Đakovačka (CRO) has a leading role in this project based on its experience in energy efficiency projects. The partner will be in charge of coordinating project activities and partners. Furthermore, the Municipality will acquire solar trees and bicycles for production of electricity and organize a conference on renewable sources of energy. It will also implement solar power plants on two public buildings, reconstruct the municipality’s public lighting system and update its Action plan of energy efficiency.

City of Subotica (SER) will be in charge for reconstructing two schools and placing solar panels on several buildings. The partner will contribute to raising the level of energy efficiency of public buildings in Subotica and promote the use of renewable energy resources.


Final conference of project E2P2

Final conference of the project Energy Efficient Public Power (E2P2), implemented through the Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Croatia-Serbia 2014-2020 in Satnica Đakovačka and Subotica, was held on 3 June

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