Greening the cities – two workshops held within the project GReENERGY

Within the project GReENERGY (Greening the cities – Development, and promotion of energy efficiency and sustainable urban environment in the cities of Croatia-Serbia cross-border region) two workshops were organized in Osijek and Novi Sad.

On 24 March 2021 virtual workshop was held in Osijek with more than 90 participants. The purpose of this workshop was to answer the following question to the general public: What is the sustainable urban environment and how Osijek and Novi Sad are becoming good regional examples of the implementation of energy-efficient measures and renewable energy sources?

Within this project, High School Playground Building in Osijek was energy refurbished with the implementation of a green roof and photovoltaic power plant on the building roof. Project activities for building in Novi Sad – School of primary and secondary education “Milan Petrović”, included the installation of a photovoltaic power plant on the building roof, green roof, and green wall.

The workshop brought together scientists from Osijek and Novi Sad which presented the advantages and disadvantages of green roofs, and renewable energy sources, principles of thermal conductivity measurements, cost-benefit assessment of the project activities, and sustainable urban development – a concept of the UN Agenda.

On 30 March 2021 a workshop focused on “Application of green infrastructure and sustainable development – examples from the economy” was held in Novi Sad. The main goal of the workshop was to present the importance and benefits of the implementation of renewable energy and green infrastructure in the economy and how it is important for urban metabolism.

In order to respect the epidemiological measures, 28 people attended the Workshop live.

Mr. Dragan Milošević, assistant professor from the University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences, presented the UN Agenda 2030 concept and presented the nexus between sustainable urban development and the main outcomes of the GReENERGY project (implementation of the green energy system through the solar station and implementation of green infrastructures).

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