Gastro shows held within PannEx Reload project

On 27 and 28 September 2023, the Expert Conference with panel discussions and Gastro show was held at Šokački stan in Vinkovci within PannEx Reload project.

On 27 September, which is the World Tourism Day, first lecture on the topic „Importance of short supply chains in tourism” was held by Goran Rihelj, consultant in tourism.  He pointed out one of the currently very important topic at the global level – “from field to table” strategy.

One of the most important continental chefs in Croatia, Tomica Đukić, spoke on the topic “Preparation of indigenous dishes in a modern way”. He pointed out that combination of tradition, the dishes from our grandmothers, with modern culinary techniques is nowadays very appreciated. Tourists are eager to see on their plates autochthonous dishes of a certain area in the interpretation of the spirit of today’s times.

The two lectures were followed by a panel discussion “How to connect local stakeholders in tourism” in which project partners, local food and beverage producers, as well as representatives of Vinkovci Vocational School, which was recently declared the best vocational school in Croatia, participated.

At the Gourmet Center in Vrdnik, the Gastro Show started on 24 October 2023. The aim of the show was to introduce the general public with to the products of the local producers, autochthonous gastronomy and the traditions of the region. The event, structured as a two-day gathering, brought together key figures in the tourism sector and interested parties who had the opportunity to taste local products from small-scale producers that are part of the Eat Pannonia network developed within the project.

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