Wild Danube Tour

View of the Danube wildlife – new ecotourism and wildlife watching / photography tours



1.139.670,85 EUR



Starting from the rich natural heritage and biodiversity of the Middle Danube region, the Wild Danube Tour project proposes to establish new wildlife and ecotourism programs for visitors arriving to regions next to the Croatia-Serbia border. Partners plan to set up a sustainable model of managing natural sites, focusing on education, marketing, quality management and new infrastructure, such as watchtowers and photo hides, at the same time fostering protection and conservation of natural sites. Wild Danube Tour’s main objective is to strengthen and diversify the cross-border tourism offer by developing new tourism facilities. In particular, partners will develop new wildlife, photography and ecotourism facilities; educate guides specialized in photography and wildlife watching, and equip a Multimedia center in Bilje, Croatia.


Green Osijek (CRO) will coordinate all activities during the project on both sides of the border as Lead partner. The partner will put special focus on constructing the watchtower as a new touristic attraction and placing photo hides for wildlife watching and photography. Green Osijek will organize a study trip on locations that offer good practices regarding photo tours. Green Osijek’s most important activities include education for ecotourism and wildlife watching/photography, developing new touristic programs connected to the wildlife photography in cross–border region and implementing quality assurance system (ISO certification).

Nature Conservation Movement of Sremska Mitrovica’s (SER) include participating in a study trip, organising the Birdfair event, organising education for ecotourism and wildlife watching / photography, implementing ISO 9001 system, collecting photos for multimedia exhibition and constructing 5 wildlife photo hides and 1 bird feeding station. The partner will also equip photo hides with web cameras and solar panels and acquire 2 electric vehicles and 10 electric bicycles in the Zasavica visitor centre, in order to attract new tourists to the region.

Municipality Bilje (CRO) will be responsible for adaptation and equipping the Multimedia centre in Bilje. As the Nature Conservation Movement of Sremska Mitrovica, the partner will acquire 10 bicycles, 10 electric bicycles, bike stands and a repair stand to create new facilities for tourists. Bilje will set up the multimedia exhibition in the Multimedia center and develop promotional videos.


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