Together We Stand

Multisectoral approach to disasters in Osijek–Baranja County and Autonomous Province of Vojvodina



1.797.180,20 EUR



The Croatian and Serbian cross-border area is a region prone to catastrophic floods. Climate change is an additional factor present in the region that in some cases causes additional damage to nature and communities. Partners of the Together We Stand project have recognized these threats and aim to create a monitoring and early warning system that will shorten the response time for disasters and consequently ensure a safer environment. In particular, Together We Stand will address the preparation phase leading to potential disasters, as well as actions concerning the end of a threat, and finally the environmental rehabilitation phase, i.e. restoration of an affected area. Partners will focus on coordinating the work of relevant organizations from both sides of the border involved in disaster management and on information channels that will alert the population on time. The output of the project includes a standard operating procedure for the case of major floods and disasters involving dangerous chemicals or gasses.


Unikom ltd. Osijek (CRO), due to its expertise, will be in charge of preparing protocols and guidelines for proper environmental remediation in case of natural disasters, with special emphasis on organic waste. Unikom will acquire specific equipment needed for better disaster management.

Osijek – Baranja County (CRO) will develop the standard operating procedure for joint action in the case of major accidents involving dangerous chemicals or other hazardous materials. The partner will also create regional training systems for response teams in the case of major accidents.

Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry (SER) is in charge of acquiring equipment for flood protection. Part of the equipment will be mobile, so it can be used both in Croatia and Serbia to better protect endangered areas. Furthermore, the partner will develop guidelines for joint action in cross-border region in case of floods, which will include analyses of current situation and legal framework in both countries, and take part in preparation of joint exercises.

Association for Creative Development SLAP (CRO) will utilize their know-how and experience in event management, education and dissemination activities. SLAP will coordinate development of all promotional and educational materials and educate the local community through training programs and thematic forums.

Regional Development Agency Bačka (SER) is in charge of organizing promotional events and educational activities and dissemination of the project progress and project results. Moreover, RDA Bačka will be in charge of organizing the study visit for Serbian participants, as well as for organization of the international conference about water and environment remediation and flood management.


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