Subotica Osijek Secession Tourist Route



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Starting from the rich cultural heritage of Croatia’s and Serbia’s cross-border area, the S.O.S. addresses the unique legacy of Osijek’s and Subotica’s secession period. The main objective of the S.O.S. project is to valorise the joint cultural heritage shared by the cities of Osijek and Subotica and revitalize the heritage of the secession period. The project plans to develop a new tourism product by creating new thematic routes based on secession architecture, develop plans for the reconstruction of Subotica City Hall as an important secession period building and revitalize Osijek’s Sakuntala park, a well-known secession park dating from the 19th century. 


Tourist Board of the City of Osijek (CRO) is the project’s lead partner, in charge of creating a cross-border and local secession thematic route, developing a database and itineraries, marking thematic route with tourist signalization and promoting the newly developed tourist offer with road show exhibitions and storytelling shows.

Tourist Organisation of Subotica (SER) will be in charge of a number of activities similar as the lead partner, but implementing them on the Serbian side of the border. The partner will create new cross-border and local secession thematic routes, develop a database and promote project activities in Subotica’s area.

City of Osijek (CRO) will revitalise Osijek’s secession park and architectural heritage. The partner will be in charge of several visibility activities, such as organising the local tourist event and scientific panel based on secession and cultural heritage.

City of Subotica (SER) will work on preparing project documentation (technical plans, conservation study and study of tourist valorization) for the restoration of Subotica’s City Hall.

Public Institution County Development Agency of Osijek – Baranja County (CRO) will be responsible for the education of target groups. The partner will organise a study trip for tourist operators from Osijek and Subotica as well, as part of the educational activities.


S.O.S. gathered a number of details of Osijek’s and Subotica’s secession architecture.

Photos, videos and materials published on this website are property of the S.O.S. project and are used with the permission of project partners.

S.O.S. project kicks off!

Over 60 participants from Croatia and Serbia came together on September 29th to take up on a new EU-funded project. Focusing on the need to preserve and better manage cultural

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