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The Panona net project gathered five partners from border regions of Croatia and Serbia, in a mission to diversify and integrate the tourism offer. In particular, partners plan to develop tourism products in the area of well-being, active and cultural tourism, and integrate them with complementary tourism niches such as eco-tourism, cycling, hiking, wine, gastro and rural tourism. Panona net will do so by establishing a joint destination management platform and business model: the Panona Tours destination management travel agency. Among several project outputs, partners will develop thematic routes which will connect sites of important natural and cultural heritage in the region, then thematic paths near Subotica and Palić, NP Papuk, Erdut, Vukovar, cross-border tourism events, and a cross-border cluster dedicated to connect tourism service providers with stakeholders and tourists.


Association for Creative Development SLAP (CRO) is the lead partner of Panona Net. SLAP is responsible for coordinating the process of mapping tourism potentials and service providers in eco, active and cultural tourism niches. SLAP will also lead the process of designing the cross border cluster through the joint cooperation platform.

Open university Subotica Ltd. (SER) will use its event management-expertise to organize cultural events planned within the project: BIOFEST, a graffiti creation workshop within the European film festival Palić and Land art fest in Tavankut. Partner will also be responsible for mapping and marking thematic paths.

Fund for micro regional tourism cluster Subotica-Palić (SER) is responsible for mapping, research, development of methodology for thematic routes, organizing thematic forums and tourism camps and landscaping a hiking path near Lake Palić.

City of Vukovar (CRO) is responsible for mapping, marking thematic paths and organizing tourism events and festivals.

Municipality Velika (CRO) will establish thematic paths on Papuk and build small tourist infrastructure of the visitor’s center at the eco-village Papuk.


Panona Net promotional videos are on YouTube!

One of the activities of the project Panona net – destination management model, co-funded through the Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Croatia-Serbia 2014-2020 was creating promotional thematic videos. The aim

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