Panona Net promotional videos are on YouTube!

One of the activities of the project Panona net – destination management model, co-funded through the Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Croatia-Serbia 2014-2020 was creating promotional thematic videos. The aim of videos is to promote cross-border destination and specific special tourism locations, events and attractions within the project area.

Videos are available at: and each of them tells its unique story under the recognizable names:

Nature speaks with scents – „Čudesna šuma“

Discover farm „Čudesna šuma“ located in Bilje. „Čudesna šuma“ works on ecological food production according to the principles of biodynamics and natural agriculture.

Nature speaks with sounds – Nature park Papuk, Nature park Kopački rit

Papuk Nature Park is an undiscovered green island of the Pannonian Sea. A favorite destination for hikers and nature lovers.

Nature speaks with colors – VukovArt

The magic of colors in the city of Vukovar. VukovArt is an event that brings together street art artists from all over the world every year.

Nature speaks about people – Asztalos keramika

Nature tells stories about people. Meet the secret ASZTALOS ceramics workshops.

Nature speaks with movements – Papuk Land Art, Slama Land Art, Vinatlon and Panona fest

Take a look at the Panona fest, which explores the ecotourism capacities of Slavonia – by canoe, bicycle, or on foot!

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