Heart Net

Development of Cross Border Cardiovascular Diseases Teleconsultation Network in Health Institutions



1.170.481,77 EUR



Partners of the Heart Net project explain that the cross-border territory of Croatia and Serbia is known for the highest incidence of cardiovascular diseases in Europe. According to their data, this happens because of eating habits and the health care approach. In addition, the healthcare budget is not sufficient to ensure adequate and up-to-date healthcare investments, so recent years have seen a growing number of educated medical staff emigrating to western countries. Heart Net plans to offer a solution by setting up a cross-border network using telemedicine infrastructure to improve medical diagnostics and increase accuracy of treatment. Partners will also improve communication channels and allow transfer of knowledge and medical expertise among healthcare units and develop joint specialized trainings and medical protocols which will help in ensuring a quick and professional response. This one-of-a-kind cross-border system will increase quality of life for more than 10.000 people living in the cross-border area, especially elderlies affected by coronary artery and other cardiac emergencies.


Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Vojvodina (SER), the project’s lead partner, will manage and coordinate project implementation, distribute results and ensure project visibility. The partner will take the opportunity to develop new skills and gain valuable knowledge in telemedicine. The Institute will improve the quality of care for patients in the cross-border area by purchasing specialized telemedicine equipment.

County General Hospital Vukovar and Hospital of Croatian Veterans (CRO) aims to modernize its practice by the new cross-border telediagnostic network, use resources across the border and exchange knowledge in diagnostics and treatment. The newly acquired technology will allow efficient handling of serious medical illnesses, shorten time needed to start appropriate treatment and optimize patient’s chances for successful recovery.


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