EXtraordinary PLeasure of Our REgion - Common gastro, eco and recreation routes of Croatia and Serbia



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The cross-border area of Croatia and Serbia abounds with natural, historic and cultural resources, but with a general low level of marketing of the region’s cultural heritage. The EXPLORE CRO SRB project plans to encourage tourism in the region by influencing skills and capacities of stakeholders and operators, create a joint offer of tourist products and services and provide new destination management tools. The projects foresees a common e-cluster platform, three tourism cross-border tourist routes and education of a number of tourism workers. 


Development Agency of Slavonski Brod Ltd. (CRO), acting as the lead partner, is in charge of developing the E-cluster platform, developing promo materials and producing a promo film covering the region’s destinations.

Regional Development Agency Panonreg (SER) will provide support to the partnership in organising and implementing education courses related to gastronomy, recreation and eco-tourism. The partner will implement a number of promotional activities.

Fund for Microregional Tourism Cluster Subotica Palic (SER) will be in charge of activities related to the valorization of gastronomic, recreational and eco-tourism resources on the Serbian side of the project area. The partner will organize two round tables for experts and stakeholders.

As the previous partner, Tourism cluster “Slavonska košarica” (CRO) will be in charge of activities related to the valorization of gastronomic, recreational and eco-tourism resources, but on the Croatian side of the project area.


A guide for tourists travelling through the Croatian and Serbian cross-border region.

Maps showing sightseeing landmarks, gastronomy, recreation, eco and other tourist attractions.

The EXPLORE CRO SRB exhibit at the GASTexpo fair in Ljubljana.

The EXPLORE CRO SRB e-cluster shows info on touristic products, local producers and events.

EXPLORE CRO SRB project studies show eco, recreational and gastro destinations of Slavonia, Baranja, Srijem and North Bačka.
HR_Eko studija
HR_Gastro studija
HR_Rekreacijska studija

Photos, videos and materials published on this website are property of the EXPLORE CRO SRB project and are used with the permission of project partners.

EXPLORE CRO-SRB organises opening conference

The opening conference of the project EXPLORE CRO-SRB was held on 6 September 2017 in the Memorial house of Dragutin Tadijanović, most popular and most influential Croatian poet of the

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