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Interreg Project Slam is a competition for the best Interreg project in 2023, and it is aimed at presenting project and programme results and achievements through a story in the form of a short video. Our successful UPDATE project is a finalist at the Interreg Project Slam 2023 competition so please watch their story in a short video and vote by giving them your like.

Out of 30 applicants, 5 videos made it to the competition finals, including the story about our UPDATE project, financed under the 3rd CfP. One of the key project activities is the implementation of STEAM education in schools, with a focus on robotics, AI, 3D printing, and VR. Through this, students will be introduced to the concepts and applications of these technologies. The project also includes the development of courses in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoE (Internet of Everything) areas, which will be made available to entrepreneurs and start-ups, and will ensure their sustainability and implementation after the project’s completion. As this is the European Year of Skills, the UPDATE project was the best candidate for this year’s competition, which ultimately resulted by entering the finals.

Video with the highest number of “likes” wins the “Social Media Award”, so please support our project with your “like” on the following link:
UPDATE: Interreg-IPA CBC Croatia-Serbia – Interreg Project Slam 2023: link.

Voting for the most successful project is open until 15 October 2023 by midnight at Interreg Project Slam 2023 Facebook page.

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