Initial conference of the PannEx Reload project

The initial conference of the project PannEx Reload was held on 19 July 2023 in Šokački stan in Vinkovci.

The PannEx Reload project will further capitalize the results developed as part of the PannoniaGourmet project, with the aim of better positioning the cross-border area as an authentic gastro-tourism destination. The activities carried out within the framework of this project maximize the previously achieved results, especially on the momentum already gained by the existing ICT platform of the EatPannonia brand and the held Gourmet Fair events.

At the conference, the Deputy Mayor of the City of Vinkovci Josip Romić, Director of the Agency for Development and Investments of the City of Vinkovci VIA d.o.o. Danijela Slipčević, project manager, Marina Hodak Domaćinović, and Goran Rihelj, tourism consultant and editor-in-chief of the HRturizam portal spoke about the importance of the project.

The expected results of the project will be an increased number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays and an increase in the number of visitors, using digital technologies in the promotion of developed tourist products and the created Gourmet offer. Added value for selected areas and target groups is the establishment of an innovative environment for the provision of gourmet tourism services. This includes a fully digital, environmentally friendly and efficient system for interaction, representation and business improvement in the sector.

On September 27 and 28, 2023, an expert conference on the importance of connecting short supply chains in tourism will be held at Šokački Stan as part of the Gastro show , in which Michelin chef Goran Kočiš will participate, among others, who after ten years in Croatia brought the first long-dreamed-of Michelin star to continental gastronomy with his Noel project . In search of new challenges, the eminent chef returned to Slavonia, where he delights guests with his gastronomic endeavors. Goran’s new project includes strengthening the tourism and gastronomic offer of Slavonia.

As part of the professional conference, in addition to a series of lectures, a panel discussion will be held in which project partners, local food and beverage producers will participate. A Gastro show will be led by the famous Croatian influencer Domagoj Jakopović – Ribafish, as well as an appropriate fair of food and gastronomic offers from the project’s partners.

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