Cross-Border IT network for competitiveness, innovation and entrepreneurship



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The XBIT project tackles issues of inadequate conditions for development of IT industry and entrepreneurship in the Programme area. The project uses an approach built around the Cross-border IT Network – XBIT Network, a congregation of key stakeholders sharing the mutual goal of establishing a favorable environment for the development of the IT industry and generating innovation and competitiveness. This is further elaborated in the goal of the project: to encourage development of the IT industry and entrepreneurship and increase the overall competitiveness of the Programme area’s economy. The most important project outputs are creating the Cross border network of ICT stakeholders and establishing Fab and Mobile Labs.


XBIT’s lead partner, Association SEEICT (SER), will implement Mobile Lab Crews trainings, organize the VR Solutions and Hackathon conferences, design and implement two project-related e-courses and set up the Innovation and Fabrication Labs as a new entrepreneurial and ICT center.

Business incubator OSVIT – cooperative (CRO) will take part in implementing educational activities during the project, providing basic knowledge of IT to elementary school students. OSVIT will also designate a part of a newly constructed building of Tech park Osvit for an Innovation and Fabrication lab. The Fab lab will provide all entrepreneurs from the area necessary equipment to test their products.

Municipality of Magadenovac (CRO) will organize school workshops on ICT topics, titled Better IT in school, and acquire innovative equipment for these workshops, such as smart robot sets, tablets and smart toys.

Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University of Novi Sad (SER) takes the role of organising educational activities in Novi Sad, such as Startup School, Meetups, and the final project conference. The Faculty will have a big part in the Open Innovation Lab pilot project, where it will share knowledge and cooperate with enterprises and SME’s, as well as local entrepreneurs from Serbia and Croatia.

Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications (SER) will support the network of local actors which are crucial for IT industry and entrepreneurship, organise workshops and promo events.



On 10 November, the kick-off meeting for the Cross-Border IT network for competitiveness, innovation and entrepreneurship – XBIT project of the Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Croatia-Serbia 2014-2020 was held

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