EXploitation of Different Energy sources for GREen Energy production



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The low level of energy efficiency and dependence of public utility companies in the field of drinking water supply and wastewater treatment are common problems of both the cross-border region and this part of Europe. The project X DEGREE aims at promoting and improving the use of different renewable energy sources in the cross-border region, specifically by increasing energy independence of public utility companies through the use of renewable energy sources, making better use of biomass in biogas production plants, and raising public awareness of the energy potential from renewable energy sources. Main outputs planned by the project include setting up a mobile laboratory to analyze raw materials and their potential for biogas production, installation of solar plants and reconstruction of a biogas production plant.


The lead partner, University of Novi Sad (SER), is in charge of setting up the mobile laboratory and starting the analysis process. The partner will prepare project documentation for the construction of a biogas plant, gas power plant and solar power plant as well.

Public Communal Firm “Vodokanal” Sombor (SER) will address specific tasks concerning installation and start-up of the gas plant, providing support in reconstruction of plants to increase the production of biogas and drafting technical documentation for other reconstructions as part of the project.

European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (SER) carries out communication and dissemination activities, such as promotion of project activities, organisation of project-related conferences and study visits. The partner will implement an analysis of the public utility companies as well and try to find out the potential for using renewable energy resources in other institutions.

Vinkovci Water Supply and Sewerage Ltd. (CRO) will construct a solar power plant, in order to ensure additional capacities of renewable energy production.

Agricultural Institute Osijek (CRO) will establish field trials and perform laboratory analyses in order to determine potential for biomass production.


Solar power polants were installed on Vinkovci Water Supply and Sewerage Ltd. during 2018. A total of 6 solar power plants will be installed in Vinkovci and a biogas cogeneration plant will be constructed in Sombor.

X DEGREE project brochure.

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