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The Women Business HUB project contributes to a better business environment for women in border regions between Croatia and Serbia. Based on data that indicates a higher percentage of unemployed women and a number of obstacles for women to start their own businesses, the partnership of the WBH project is determined to foster economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs in the project area and minimize impact of these obstacles. Firstly, partners will establish a Women Business HUB in Erdut and Women Business Center in Novi Sad. Secondly, these centers will present a program of tailored trainings, mentoring, networking and promotion services that seek to educate more than 700 women and set up a cross-border network of women entrepreneurs. Finally, partners will coordinate setting up 5 new SMEs by women included in project activities, in order to make the first step in setting up a women-business-friendly environment.


Entrepreneurship Development Center of Erdut Municipality (CRO), the project’s Lead partner, will revitalize its premises to be able to provide services for women entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs. The partner’s role will be also to coordinate all activities, support partners in the process of project implementation and to take part in promotion and visibility of the project.

Association “Healthy Life Promotion” (SER) will establish, equip and revitalize premises of Women Business Center in Novi Sad, in order to provide support to women entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs in South Bačka region. Trainings will be developed for women entrepreneurs, dealing with phases in business development, promotion of products and services, using of new technologies for positioning on market and other. The partner will also organize the international conference “Business on high heels”.


Final Conference of the project WBH held

Project’s final conference was organized by the Entrepreneurship – Development Center of Erdut Municipality Ltd., on 8 June 2021, in the premises of Women Business HUB. The event was attended

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