Smart Agriculture Solutions save resources in modern fruit production



164.451,00 EUR



The SASFRU project aim is to raise resilience, cut back costs and increase competitiveness of the fruit growing sector through introduction of smart agricultural solutions (automation, mechanization and digitalization). The modernization of agriculture is rapidly going into the direction of information technology (IT) and digital solutions. The project target groups are individual fruit growers who are often lacking technical knowledge but also are non-confident in the usage of new technologies and tools. The CROSS TREE project offered technology for development and introduction of new and unique products. Further strengthening of existing water laboratory with additional equipment will widen possibilities for knowledge transfer, expand collaboration synergies and offer new specialized services to the entrepreneurs.


The University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture will act as project Lead partner responsible for project coordination, management and reporting. Based on the positive experience and benefits from previous Cross Border projects like 2 and Cross Tree, UNSFA found benefits in SASFRU for further strengthening the role UNSFA has in higher education, research and extension. The concept of “lifelong learning” education is one of the primary objectives in agricultural education with SASFRU project offering best practical solutions for farmers’ education. State of the art equipment will be purchased in order to improve the level of services of water laboratory of UNSFA. New specialized service (Optima spraying App) and training programme (Quality of irrigation water) will additionally maximize the results of previous project. 
Agricultural institute Osijek will act as project partner responsible for performing project activities in Croatia, as significant basis for setting up AIO as the leading research and extension organization in the area of agriculture in eastern Croatia. Automatic irrigation and fertilization system will be purchased and open door days will be organized in order to present new equipment. The new training programme (Sustainable Orchard fertilization) will additionally maximize the results of previous project.


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