Rediscovering Opportunities through Sustainable Impact in Supporting Horticulture development in the cross border area



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The main objective of the ROSIS4H project is to support the horticulture sector of the Programme area, while capitalizing on previous Interreg projects and increasing efficiency of previously realised infrastructure. The project will establish new Competence Centers, and upgrade the know-how in this specific line of work by integrating business support institutions, clusters, research organisations and entrepreneurs in a virtual cross-border Competence Center. This will be accomplished by using innovative solutions such as the E-platform for service delivery, organising fairs and face-to-face B2B sessions and educating a wide range of institutions active in this field.


Centre for Development of Brod-Posavina County (CRO) is the project’s lead partner and will develop the E-platform and organise project events such as the B2B event and Train the trainers education. The partner will provide advisory services to SME’s from its region as well.

City of Šabac (SER) will support the partnership in developing the E-platform, facilitation, transfer of know-how and developing promo films for promotion of project activities.

Regional Center for Biotechnology Research and Development of Brod-Posavina County Ltd. (CRO) will work on, among other activities, development of the Competence Center and introduction of new facilities, such as the atomic absorption system used for soil and plant tissue analysis by horticulture entrepreneurs and growers.

The previously established Competence Center in Slavonski Brod at the High-school Matija Antun Reljković Slavonski Brod (CRO) will be upgraded with new facilities such as greenhouses, herb and fruit dryers, water cistern for irrigation and mobile humidification system.

High School for Agriculture with a Student Home – Šabac (SER), also the site of the previously established Competence Center in Šabac, will acquire new equipment to be used in horticulture analysis and for education. The partner will organise a horticultural fair as well.


Follow up on ROSIS4H’s knowledge database with advices, examples and more useful info.

Photos, videos and materials published on this website are property of the ROSIS4H project and are used with the permission of project partners.

Partnership Agreement Signed for Rosis4H

The Partnership Agreement was signed at the occasion of the opening conference for the project Rosis4H – Rediscovering Opportunities through Sustainable Impact In Supporting Horticulture development in the cross-border area,

Project partners can be contacted via project website:

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