Real-time measurements and forecasting for successful prevention and management of seasonal allergies in Croatia-Serbia cross-border region



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By addressing specific issues related to airborne pollen and its effect on occurrence of allergies, the RealForAll project has taken the task to modernize public health service in the region and notably enhance the quality and applicative value of the information it provides. It will do so by introducing real-time monitoring of airborne allergens, by developing models for prediction of exposure and by creating a joint platform for dissemination. In addition, the project will make an effort to educate end users on the benefits of using aerobiological information for prevention and management of allergy symptoms. The main project output relates to the e-Health service in which real-time measurement of airborne pollen concentrations, allergenic pollen exposure forecasts and other useful tools will be provided to citizens affected by airborne allergens.


BioSensе Institute – Research Institute for Information Technologies in Biosystems (SER), RealForAll’s lead partner, will work towards enabling real-time measurements of atmospheric pollen concentrations. BioSense Institute will purchase a real-time pollen monitor (RAPID-E) and use it to deliver real-time data needed for informing end users about airborne pollen exposure levels.

University of Osijek (CRO) will use its academic expertise and contribute to development of new mathematical models for pollen concentration forecasting. Together with the City of Osijek, University of Osijek will be a hub for communication of the project results with end users, including organization of educational workshops and assessment of the output performance and end users satisfaction in Croatia.

In close cooperation with the Biosense Institute and University of Osijek, Faculty of Sciences at the University of Novi Sad (SER) will be working on the mathematical and numerical part of the forecasting models and the development of a platform for online dissemination including a smartphone app. The app will present real-time measurements and forecasts available to the general public.

City of Osijek (CRO) will install a real-time pollen monitor (RAPID-E). In this way, the cross-border area will get a tool for representative real-time monitoring of airborne pollen concentrations.


What’s RealForAll really about? Branko Šikoparija, RealForAll’s scientific manager, explains how the project is helping the cross-border population:

Download RealForAll smartphone application which measures air pollution, forecasts pollen concentration and includes a personalized calendar on pollen allergies:

What do we breathe? Take a look on RealForAll’s website showing concentration of particles throughout the year:

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