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The R-SOL-E project, shortened for Renewable Solar Energy, builds on potentials for renewable energy sources in the cross-border area. The project focused on awareness raising of using solar energy as an eco-friendly way of producing electricity. This was done by building photovoltaic systems and increasing usage of solar energy. Potentials for renewable energy sources are seen as a starting point of the project and their use will be further tested to reduce energy costs and reduce CO2 levels as well. The project developed Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) and installed solar power plants, solar lightning and other equipment that will promote energy efficiency.


City of Belišće (CRO) is the lead partner of the project and in charge of acquiring the solar tree and solar bicycle for production of electricity. Belišće will also develop project designs and install solar power plants on several sites in the city.

City of Novi Sad (SER) is in charge of investing in infrastructure that will increase energy efficiency, such as construction of public lighting on several sites in Novi Sad.

Gorjani Municipality (CRO) is in charge of developing project designs for the solar power plant and installing a solar tree and solar power plant in Gorjani.


R-SOL-E organised a local competition in Belišće in producing electricity. The competition was attended by students of a nearby elementary school and used an electric bike co-financed within the project.

Renewable source of energy conference. 

R-SOL-E installed 4 solar power plants in Belišće, 1 solar power plant and a solar tree in Gorjani Municipality and a network of solar lamp posts in Novi Sad.

City of Novi Sad developed a cadastre of the city’s public lighting. The green icons show lamp posts installed as part of the R-SOL-E project, while red icons show preexisting lighting infrastructure.

R-SOL-E story is presented in the SMART REGIONS show of the Euronews portal.

Photos, videos and materials published on this website are property of the R-SOL-E project and are used with the permission of project partners. 

R-SOL-E story published on Euronews portal

After participating at this year’s finals of the REGIOSTARS awards, partners of the R-SOL-E project welcomed journalists of Euronews to make a new episode of the Smart Regions show. Among

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