Pannonia Gourmet

Authentic Gourmet Taste for Sustainable Socio-economic Development of Cross-border region



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Gourmet tourism refers to visiting particular regions and enjoying their gastronomy that reflects the culture and history of these regions. Partners of the project use the term gourmet tourism for a number of food-and-tourism-related activities, such as visits to producers of food, gastronomic festivals, farmers’ markets, cooking shows and demonstrations, tastings of quality food products. Cross-border destinations, although having great potential, are not fully aware of the importance of gastronomy in developing tourism and stimulating local, regional and national economies. Starting from the abovementioned, partners of Pannonia Gourmet plan to develop the EatPannonia Brand – a tourism product that will connect product and service providers of the cross-border region into one, unique EatPannonia partnership. The partners will gather authentic food and recipes and disseminate them through two gourmet centres in Vrdnik and Vinkovci. These gourmet centres will be set up by renovating and introducing new facilities in Šokački stan in Vinkovci, an autochthonous rural yard, and Vrdnik, where a bio garden will be set up. In this way, partners wish to valorize the gastronomy of the region and upscale the gastronomic experience in Croatia and Serbia’s border region. Another goal to which partners are committed is education – the project will set up the Gourmet Academy program and provide thematic knowledge to stakeholders. Local producers, stakeholder and products will be presented as part of the ICT platform that will provide detailed gastronomic maps and selling points.


Educons University (SER) is in charge of setting up the “Bio garden” in Vrdnik, including arranging the outside space for walking, relaxing and tastings of Gourmet products, and landscaping.

City of Vinkovci (CRO) will play a significant role in linking the food processing sector with the tourism sector. The partner will establish local production systems and introduce branding of the project area as a recognizable culinary tourist destination based on resources and regional specificities, cultural heritage and tradition. The City is responsible for reconstruction and revitalization of Šokački stan and equipping the “Gourment Center”.

Tourism Organisation of Irig Municipality (SER) will carry out promotional activities to present the assets and overall attractiveness of destinations. The partner will present the project at the Belgrade Tourism Fair and organize the Gourmet Fair and closing conference in Vrdnik.

Vinkovci City Investment and Development Agency VIA Ltd. (CRO) will contribute to the project by organizing meetings, drafting documents and reporting. The partner will in particular work on methodological standards and guidelines, workshops and monitoring tasks to set up a long-term and sustainable partnership.


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