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The main objective of the Organic Bridge project is to contribute to the improvement of competitiveness of the Osijek-Baranja County and South and North Bačka Districts by developing organic products. Focusing on organic producers, the partnership will jointly create tailor-made services and transfer their know-how from the research & development sector to local producers. Project outputs include two competence centers that will be set up in Valpovo and Selenča; training of more than 200 organic producers and establishing a cross border network of organic producers that will interconnect the region’s organic production potential.


The lead partner, City of Valpovo (CRO), will establish the Center for Organic Production Valpovo, set up the Kitchen Incubator and organise the Organic fest in order to promote the project and inform the community on the project’s idea.

TERA Tehnopolis Ltd. (CRO) will work on transferring know-how to Center for Organic Production Selenča in order to implement applied research in eco-farming. The partner will develop a portal for transferring know-how and will design an eco-package in order to promote organic production in the region.

Center for organic production Selenča (SER) will work closely with the City of Valpovo on transferring know-how necessary to compare and learn on new practices in organic production. The partner will establish the Center to transfer applied research in eco-farming and set up the Organic network as a cross-border platform.

TERRA’s Association Subotica (SER) will support agriculture producers in Serbia, develop the local brand and network with Croatian partners. Also, it will organize trainings for organic producers.  


ORGANIC BRIDGE opening conference

Opening conference for the ORGANIC BRIDGE project was organised on 7th July 2017. The conference was hosted in the Cultural centre in Valpovo and attended by all project partners: Town

Project partners can be contacted via project website:

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