Mosquito Control in Cross-border Area



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Emergence of new mosquito-borne diseases is increasingly becoming a public health threat in the Danube region and the rest of Europe. The consequences of climate changes are evident in frequent floods that provide excellent preconditions for the increase of mosquito population since mosquitos need water for their development. Since 2012 serious problems related to mosquito-borne diseases (MBDs) are evident in Croatia’s and Serbia’s cross-border regions.

Bearing this in mind, the MOS-Cross project set a goal to improve preparedness for prevention, surveillance and control of mosquito population and MBDs, related potential epidemic outbreaks and negative impacts of conventional mosquito control measures to the environment. The partnership will do the aforementioned by developing an ICT and mapping tool for mosquito and mosquito-borne diseases surveillance. Partners will also set up protocols for surveillance of mosquito presence and emergency protocols for potential epidemic outbreaks.


MOS-Cross’s lead partner, Public Health Institute Sombor (SER), will focus on acquiring equipment needed for data collection and processing of adult mosquito presence; sampling mosquitoes for detection of mosquito–borne diseases and coordinating with other partners on the preparation of Joint emergency and preparedness protocols in case of MBDs epidemic outbreak.

European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (SER) is responsible for mapping mosquito breeding sites and creating the ICT tool for mosquito and mosquito-borne diseases surveillance. Furthermore, the partner will integrate results of the mapping process, collect and process data for creation of predictions, including an early warning system of MBDs in the cross-border area, and draft Recommendations for local government units in the cross-border area concerning the project thematic.

Institute of Public Health for the Osijek-Baranya County (CRO), as a partner on the Croatian side, will implement activities related to equipment installation, data collection and mapping of mosquito sites in the Croatian part of the project area.


MOS-Cross has organized a wide range of educational activities on threats concerning mosquitos and how to avoid them.

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