Creation and fostering of common cooperating cross-border IT entrepreneurial community



524.393,45 EUR



The IT Community Region project will create round-the-clock business solutions for IT professionals in the cross-border area and ensure new opportunities for education, developing IT skills and networking. The main objective of the project is to encourage cooperation of IT professionals from Croatia and Serbia in specializing in the IT sector and contracting business deals through the cluster model. Project partners plan to achieve this by developing new solutions, such as distance learning systems, virtual fairs and eSME support, organizing new IT-tailored trainings and education programs. Partners will also set up two centers for educational and entrepreneurship support in Vukovar and Subotica, all of which will be featured in a web-based platform for cooperation, knowledge and experience exchange.


Open university Subotica Ltd. (SER), as the project’s lead partner, will organize 3 training courses in Subotica. Open University will establish the Center for youth empowerment for creation of digital content in Subotica. In addition, the partner will coordinate the partnership and ensure visibility of results.

Adult Education Institution Studium (CRO) will organize 3 training courses in Vukovar. Partner is also in charge of developing the common e-system for distance learning.

Vukovar Development Agency Ltd. (CRO) will create and manage the eSME support system within the existing Virtual incubator system and develop the cross-border Web Knowledge Sharing Platform, a service for IT specialists to communicate and share knowledge, initiate projects and cooperation.

Regional Development Agency Panonreg (SER) will provide trainings for target groups in the field of IT technical and soft skills. The agency will organize workshops for freelancers in Subotica.


Start of IT Community Region

The IT Community Region project held its opening conference in an interesting and unusual venue: the Magenta 1 Waterbus, docked on the Danube river in Vukovar. The IT Community Region

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