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The Inclusive Community project addresses high unemployment rates, high number of people at risk of poverty and deteriorated living conditions for certain social groups in the cross-border area. Project partners link these unfavourable demographic features to negative effects on the economy of the area, which consequently creates demand for targeted social services and infrastructure investments. Therefore, Inclusive Community sets the project objective to improve social services in Osijek and Novi Sad for social welfare users and people in risk of poverty and exclusion. Partners plan to create a social integration programme that will ensure learning assistance for children and in-house care for elderly. In addition, the programme will encourage elderlies to volunteer, facilitate education and exchanges between volunteers to contribute to intergenerational solidarity and tolerance in the cross border region. Project outputs include an e-card system that will allow better management of social assistance and reconstruction of a storehouse to allow distribution of humanitarian aid and medical equipment for social welfare.


DKolektiv (CRO) is the project’s lead partner, in charge of setting up the Centre for social integration and organization of capacity building and cross-border activities in Osijek. The Centre is responsible for organizing joint education, exchanges among partners and stakeholders in Osijek, and education for volunteers and NGO representatives about entrepreneurship.

Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre (SER) is setting up the Centre for social integration in Novi Sad that will provide new social services, including in-house social care for elderlies, volunteering for elderlies and learning assistance programs for children. The partner will also promote inclusive volunteering among non-profit organisations and contribute to better inclusion of marginalised and social vulnerable groups in volunteering.

Croatian Red Cross – Osijek city branch (CRO) is in charge of reconstructing the storage for collection and delivering the humanitarian aid. The partner will also acquire medical equipment and regularly provide this type of social service to marginalized and vulnerable groups.

City of Osijek (CRO) will develop and implement the e-social cards system for social vulnerable groups, design guides in cooperation with partners from Croatia and Serbia and disseminate experiences of using e-social cards to partners and stakeholders.

Provincial Institute for Social Protection (SER) will participate in cross-border exchange of experiences regarding the e-social card system, promote social entrepreneurship and contribute to the improvement of the social welfare system by connecting business, public, and civil society sector.


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