Implementation of cross-border joint actions toward environment protection in agriculture



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The IMPACT-ENVI project raises the question concerning the impact of agricultural production on the environment. The partnership plans to answer this question by establishing a monitoring system which will determine the chemical and ecological status of water, analyse dangerous substances and organic soil pollutants and provide more information on the status of agricultural products, livestock manure, fodder and health of animals in the cross-border area. Through a joint initiative of partners in Serbia and Croatia, awareness will be raised on these topics and the community will become more familiar with the connection between agricultural production, environmental protection and food quality. The project main result is a knowledge platform gathering all the aforementioned data.


J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences Osijek (CRO) is the lead partner of the project who will jointly develop the project’s knowledge platform and ensure dissemination of project activities.

Educons University (SER) will have a role in identifying levels of pesticides of soil, water and plant samples and nitrate from both sides of the border. In this way, data will be collected to draft a joint water and manure management plan.

Industry and Trade School in Županja (CRO) will implement educational workshops covering agricultural production, environmental pollution and quality of food.

Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops (SER) will focus on educating the population of the cross-border area to improve vegetable production, while preserving the environment and obtaining a healthy product.


Through education and field work, partners of IMPACT-ENVI project are dedicated to raise awareness and introduce sustainable agricultural practices to students.

Two round tables have been organized to openly discuss both the negative impact of agriculture on the environment and ways how to limit the negative impact by introducing best agricultural practices.

Find out how IMPACT-ENVI is using best agricultural practices to limit pollution of agriculture in their publication.

IMPACT-ENVI in the media.

Photos, videos and materials published on this website are property of the IMPACT ENVI project and are used with the permission of project partners.


On 14 September 2017, in Osijek, the Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek hosted the opening conference of the project Implementation of cross-border joint actions toward environment protection in agriculture (IMPACT

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