Greening the cities 2.0 – Development and promotion of energy efficiency and sustainable urban environment in the cities of Croatia-Serbia cross-border region

328.164,00 EUR



GReENERGY 2.0 will further use and capitalize results and outputs of previous project (GReENERGY) by adding new capacities of renewable energy production in Programme area and contributing to carbon-zero concept in cities and also  increasing the awareness of local population in the cross-border area and beyond. An additional solar energy plant  with power of 0.15 MW will be installed on the public building in Osijek and green wall will be set up in Novi Sad.

GReENERGY 2.0 also contributes to Programme Result indicator named “Energy consumption by public buildings in the programme area” by providing renewable energy for public building and decreasing its use of energy from non-renewable sources. GReENERGY 2.0. will target local public authorities, regional public authorities, higher education and research institutions, education/training centers and schools, SMEs, business support organisations, and general public. These target groups will be reached through project public events and social media profiles.


University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences (SER) is responsible for development and installation of green wall and climate equipment in Novi Sad.  Development of green infrastructure (green wall), sustainable energy consumption (in buildings) and increased production of green energy based on solar panel cells are main outcomes of the project and are in the focus of Lead Partner activities.  Lead Partner is also in charge of coordination and promotional activities, such as organization of educational workshops and round table for stakeholders and policy makers. 
Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture Osijek (CRO) is responsible for organization of the Workshop for stakeholders and Open-door event in Osijek, aimed to disseminate the benefits of using renewable energy and green infrastructure in buildings.
City of Osijek (CRO) is responsible for the installation of the solar power plant system with power of 0.15 MW on the public building in Osijek.


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