Integrated Cross-Border Monitoring and Management Systems for Flood Risks, Environmental and Biodiversity Protection and Forestry Through Transboundary Forest Retentions and Other Measures



1.626.842,24 EUR



The risk of floods, in particular due to Sava River dike failures, represents one of the greatest natural risks in the Programme area. The FORRET partnership will invest efforts in developing an integrated cross-border monitoring and management systems for flood risks and environmental and biodiversity protection. The systems will be implemented through installation of gauging stations and accompanied by a set of jointly developed sectoral, feasibility and environmental studies. 


The lead partner, Croatian Waters (CRO), is in charge of leading the development of the monitoring and management system, which will contribute to protection from adverse effects of water and reduce flood risks. Croatian Waters will install gauging stations as well.

Public Water Management Company ‘’Vode Vojvodine’’ (SER) will be responsible for water management and flood risk management aspects of the project within the project area in Serbia, as well as for hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and analysis of the entire project area.

WWF Adria – Association for the protection of nature and conservation of biological diversity (CRO) will develop and promote nature-based solutions in flood risk management and develop specific measures for restoration and improvement of important biodiversity elements.

Public Company “Vojvodinašume”, Petrovaradin (SER) will be responsible for forestry management aspects of the project within the project area in Serbia.


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