Fostering of cross-border business environment through development of business competence centres and networks



721.658,41 EUR



According to FED CCNET partners, low level of competitiveness and generally unfavorable business environment, in comparison to EU countries, is a problem in Croatia and Serbia’s border regions. Lack of skilled workers and lack of relevant competences in certain specialized fields, such as product design, export management and marketing, is an issue that affects the region’s competitiveness. Partners from Lovas, Bač and Ilok seek to address this challenge by developing infrastructure, services and networks for enterprises and the unemployed and create a more favorable business environment in the cross-border area. The partnership will do this by establishing a Business Competence Center (BCC) in Lovas, with two branch offices in Ilok and Bač. These Centers will provide trainings and mentoring programs for companies working in the area and encourage cooperation between research institutions and SMEs, especially export-oriented ones, within the Smart Cooperation program.


Municipality of Lovas (CRO) is responsible for overall coordination of project activities on both sides of the border, organizing joint meetings of project partners and providing trainings in financial management (practical education for small companies about available national and EU financial resources). The Lead partner will also reconstruct the old building of the Municipality of Lovas for needs of SMEs.

Municipality of Bač (SER) will benefit from increased economic development in its territory. The partner is in charge of adapting and reconstructing the old Municipality building to encourage SMEs and providing practical trainings about project management and marketing techniques for enterprises.

City of Ilok (CRO) is responsible for the organization of the project related event and engaging members of the cross-border network. The City of Ilok will build and equip training facilities for the needs of SMEs and educate applicants in business competencies.


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