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While trying to achieve higher levels of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources, both Croatia and Serbia meet barriers such as lacking specific knowledge, law regulations, low level of technical preparedness for project implementation and high costs. As for the ES-GEES partnership, successful implementation of energy efficiency measures means combining them with the usage of renewable energy sources. There is a common case where people firstly reach for renewable energy sources before reducing the energy demand of a building. The ES-GEES project will educate target groups, reaching from students, general public to decision makers, about the right approach in implementing energy efficient measures and combining them with renewable energy sources. Main outputs of the project will be energy efficient reconstructions of two schools in Croatia and Serbia.


City of Osijek (CRO), acting as the lead partner, is responsible for construction works on the Elementary school “Ljudevit Gaj” and the installation of an energy consumption monitoring system. The partner will also coordinate and manage all activities in cooperation with project partners.

Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja Ltd.(CRO) will be in charge of coordination of communication activities on the Croatian side of the project area and organisation of dissemination events in Croatia.

Renewable energy sources Ltd (CRO) will provide project partners with its expertise in the energy field, such as analyzing energy savings, designing project documentation and supporting installation of a power plant.

Technical school “Mileva Maric- Einstein” (SER) will be the site of infrastructural works which are aimed to create a higher energy efficiency level of the school building and use of renewable sources of energy.

Regional Development Agency Backa Ltd. (SER) will have technical and logistics role in the project as support for preparation and implementation of communication and promotion activities.


Promotional video of ES-GEES project.

Energy reconstruction of the High school Mileva Marić Ajnštajn in Novi Sad during November 2018

High school Mileva Marić Ajnštajn in Novi Sad will also introduce a circular economy system based on wooden waste and use it for heating the school greenhouse.

Photos, videos and materials published on this website are originally published on the ES-GEES project website.

Final conference of the ES-GEES project

The Priority axis 2 ES GEES project held its final conference and presented accomplishments in Novi Sad on 13 December. ES GEES, shortened for Education for Sustainability – Green and

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