Development of new tree nursery products for fast growing fruit industry based on local genetic resources and modern technologies



524.308,95 EUR



The industry of fruit production on both sides of border is facing great challenges due to modernization and market fluctuations. Lack of professional skills and small number of added value products are main reasons why local tree nurseries cannot fulfill demands of the fast growing fruit production industry. The CROSS TREE project has developed an answer to this challenge. By introducing new products – new types of fruit trees, based on local natural resources and state of the art production technologies – the project aims to raise competitiveness and overall production in the project area’s tree nursery industry. Therefore, five new plants will be researched and developed – sweet cherry “knip” tree, apple “knip” tree, dwarfing sour cherry tree, organic hazelnut tree and organic grape vine tree (vine). Partners will also set up new field laboratories, i.e. Local cultivars, an Agro business competenece office and orchards and vineyards to demonstrate their project idea.


The lead partner, Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Novi Sad (SER), will use its academic and research capacities to set up a base for further scientific work for both students and researchers, thus highlighting applicable science in agriculture. The Faculty will acquire equipment needed for the laboratories and involve students in lab and field work.  

Agricultural Institute Osijek (CRO) will contribute to the development of value-added products and clearly define the technological guidance in the rapidly growing sector of fruit growing. The research will in this way open way for the development of new products.

Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja Ltd. for international and regional cooperation (CRO) will be responsible for coordinating communication activities for the project and researching the agro-economic potential throughout the Croatian part of project area.


CROSS TREE leaflet

Partners of CROSS TREE explain the project’s added value. More info here and on the Youtube video below.

Photos, videos and materials published on this website are property of the CROSS TREE project and are used with the permission of project partners.

CROSS TREE – opening conference

On 12 October 2017, the opening conference of the CROSS TREE – Development of new tree nursery products for fast growing fruit industry based on local genetic resources and modern

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