Development of the business environment through the education of the labor force by following the market needs



EUR 603.660,93



Croatia and Serbia’s cross-border area is faced with intensified emigration of young people, which affects the region’s development potential. A large number of unemployed people prove that the labor market today requires certain skills, competences and knowledge. To solve this fast-paced problem, partners of the COMMON project will conduct market analyzes to understand the real needs of the economy and market. In addition, the project will set up educational programs to provide new knowledge to the unemployed and design an online networking platform to present market needs, employment opportunities and educational material. In this way, COMMON plans to raise competitiveness and consequently provide new opportunities for long-term unemployed residents of the cross-border region, particularly young people.


Vukovar Development Agency Ltd (CRO) will conduct surveys about the labor market and education needs. The lead partner also plans to develop the online networking portal and present it to stakeholders. The platform will provide information on available educations to businesses, individuals and other users.

Adult Education Institution Studium (CRO) will design new programs and provide education for unemployed people. The partner will also contribute to the development of new curriculum and its implementation.

Provincial Secretariat for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation, and Local Self-Government (SER) will improve the knowledge and skills of unemployed by jointly developing training programs and educating unemployed people. The partner will set up 2 info points in Serbia for training and education and organize 10 workshops to motivate the long-term unemployed to be active in the labor market.


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