Central Danube Tour

Enhancing the tourism development in the Central Danube cross-border region



575.856,20 EUR



Although Central Danube area has not been traditionally oriented towards tourism, new economic opportunities emerge as tourist demand is shifting towards clean environment, healthy lifestyles, local traditions and unique gastronomies. Seeing these potentials on one side and lack of standardized accommodation facilities and services, low level of marketing and no diversification of offer on the other, the partners behind the Central Danube Tour project invested efforts to bring new values in the tourism of Croatia’s and Serbia’s cross-border area. They plan to foster tourism by creating joint tourist products and services and promote Central Danube destinations. This will be done by developing new cross-border thematic routes along the Danube.


Public Institution Development agency of Osijek-Baranja County (CRO), acting as the lead partner, will set up the Central Danube Tourism Network, train target groups and contribute to the development of the Central Danube Tourism destination with the rest of the partners.

Provincial Secretariat for Regional Development,  Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government (SER) will coordinate workshops on tourism promotions, covering gastronomy and enology topics and other events.

Osijek-Baranja County (CRO), as the regional authority responsible for development of tourism and rural areas, will be in charge of organizing part of the education activities for the Croatian programme area. The partner will undertake a study on traditional agro-food products and will be in charge of strengthening the tourist offer through organisation of Danube-related events in the County, such as tourism fairs.

Danube Competence Center (SER) will develop the Danube tourism brand and promotional materials, provide elaboration of thematic routes and organise photo contests.

City of Ilok (CRO) is responsible for the organisation of the Danube-related event and gathering future Network members. The City will involve local tourism operators and other stakeholders in project activities.


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