CBC Clusters

Enabling Development of Sustainable Cross-Border Clusters



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The main challenge of the CBC Clusters project is to jointly address shortage of skilled labor in SMEs working in cross-border areas’ dominant industries: paper and mechanical engineering in Belišće and agriculture in Sombor. To address these challenges, the project will set up a Quadruple Helix approach and in this way strengthen cooperation between the government, industry, universities and civil society organizations from Croatia and Serbia. More precisely, CBC Clusters plans to establish two cross-border clusters: one in the agriculture sector in Sombor, and the other one in the paper and mechanical engineering sector in Belišće. Moreover, partners will design a web-based tool for mapping renewable agricultural sources in the cross-border region and an online platform for information sharing on economic trends and business management.


City of Sombor (SER), as Lead Partner, will revitalize an old building in Sombor for the needs of the agriculture cluster, support the local business support organizations and develop impact studies of cluster policies in the cross-border area.

National Alliance for Local Economic Development NALED (SER) will have the key role in supporting the process of cross-border clusters establishment, especially their legal and organizational set up. The partner will deliver trainings, organize study tours and provide mentoring to SMEs. Also, they will engage students of agriculture, technical and other relevant faculties, to register and actively use the Online Platform developed within project.

Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences Osijek (CRO) will provide logistic support to partners in education and organizing workshops for target groups. They will organize study trips to showcase good practice examples in the field of biomass management. The faculty will acquire equipment for student’s laboratory to allow research of different biomass.

Business Incubator BIOS (CRO) is in charge of coordination of project activities, organization of project team meetings and development of project documentation for the creative industries incubator. They will support SMEs, especially those within the creative industries.

Local Development Agency of the Town of Belišće (CRO) will be involved in establishing the mechanical engineering and paper industry cluster in Belišće, setting up a web based platform, organizing educational and B2B workshops for entrepreneurs and SMEs from the paper industry and coordinating communication activities. The partner will also adapt and equip Belišće’s Business supporting center.


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